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Intelligent customer control Product description

What is smart guest control?
First, the intelligent system that guests can feel, such as smart wireless, scene linkage control and so on.
Second, the system used for management, the software for revenue management, or the membership system are very intelligent to help hotels improve efficiency.
Third, the overall or partial automation of the building, the automation of air conditioning, electricity, electrical appliances.
The application of the Weimeng intelligent convergence system in the scenario can realize the all-IP of the weak current system, which has low cost, good experience, easy management and light maintenance, and will be wired network, Wi-Fi, IPTV, telephone, intelligent customer control, information release, etc. Multiple systems use IP networks for unified bearer to achieve true multi-network integration. In the end, it can be realized: one network cable solves TV, telephone, Wi-Fi Internet access, and the integrated terminal is used as a control center to realize intelligent control.

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