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Router Product description

Weimeng Multi-WAN Intelligent Firewall Router is designed by Weimeng Technology for various industries such as small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet cafes, rental houses and supermarkets. It highlights online behavior management, bandwidth overlay, intelligent QOS, PPP0E authentication server, WeChat with WiFi, Advertising and other functions.
Its leading QOS bandwidth management function only needs to set the actual bandwidth, it can easily solve the problem that various P2P programs occupy network bandwidth, and ensure the network is fast and smooth. At the same time support smart WIFI marketing system, can customize WIFI certification page, have WIFI welcome page and brand marketing page, with strong brand promotion and customer return visit function.
Among them, Weimeng Smart WiFi Gateway has strong performance and many machines. In the wireless network deployment scheme, the input cost can be made lower. The hardware gateway adopts a multi-WAN intelligent router AC controller and authentication server. One hardware is equivalent. Integration of multiple hardware devices allows the entire WLAN wireless network to be integrated and cost-effective.

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