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The wireless AP is the abbreviation of Access Point, which is translated as “wireless access node”. It mainly provides wireless workstations access to wired LANs and wireless routers from wired LANs. Wireless workstations within the coverage of access points can interact with each other. Communication. Generally speaking, wireless AP is a bridge between wireless network and wired network. Since the coverage of the wireless AP is a circular area that is outwardly diffused, the wireless AP should be placed in the center of the wireless network as much as possible, and the linear distance between each wireless client and the wireless AP should preferably not exceed 30-40 meters. To avoid communication failure due to excessive attenuation of communication signals.
The Weimeng wireless AP is divided into indoor APs and outdoor APs according to the geographical location and environment structure of each scene. The main installation methods are wall installation and ceiling installation. Weimeng AP supports multiple networking modes with power amplifiers and through walls. Strong, providing faster download speeds, smoother video and online gaming experience.
Weimeng AP is widely used in wireless network access environments such as hotels, enterprises, hospitals, factories, and dormitories to create an excellent wireless network coverage environment.

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