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As the soul of the corporate, corporate culture is the motion to push corporate development. Corporate culture refers to the staff in the long-term cultivation in the process of entrepreneurship and development; comply with supreme goal, standard of value, basic beliefs and behaviors together. It includes business philosophy, values and spirit, business ethics, group consciousness, enterprise image and system. During the development, Wayos has our own core corporate culture.

Core ideology: concepts determine thought, actions depend on though, action come into being habits, habits effect character, character decide your life.

Our core selling concept: What can we do for you?

Selling channel: informatization, integration, delayering.

Commitment: working hard, to be a reliable person.

All staffs must implement sales scheme according customers’ industry and type, help our customers to solve problem with theirs benefits, to solve the technical difficulty with profession technique. We will make a correct and reasonable marketing plan according our products features. We have a tolerant attitude towards the industry product. And we will guarantee our corporate legal rights, to improve our image in the society.

Innovating Everyday

Innovating every day is Wayos’ spirit, which is an inevitable determination if we want to make progress in the stiff competition.

Innovating is a comprehensive development of imagination and creativity, it breaks the tradition, create new idea, go ahead of the development.

Everyday emphasize its timeliness, urgency and tenacity.

Innovating Everyday shows our team gritty struggle spirit and strengthen conviction to create a good future with thorough grounding and advantage.

Concept innovation

Innovating every day is a systems engineering.

Concept is the soul of corporate development. We need to break traditional thinking, managing our corporation with new concept and innovation, then we can create new value and satisfy new demand.

Organizational innovation

According to the requirements of modern enterprise system, people-oriented, Wayos establish a new business process, create a learning organization, make the enterprise organization structure is more adaptable in the market economy.

Management innovation

Management innovation is to create new and energetic resources integration mode. Its target is to create a scientific management mode with Wayos features, guiding with Wayos culture, supporting with information technology..

Technical innovation

Information industry is the fastest high-tech industry in the world. Our technology must ahead in the industry, having new idea and innovative behavior everyday.

Product innovation

Produce new products to satisfy customer demand with CS concept, to be a market oriented corporation.

Service innovation

We propose high quality service to improve value, build up new service awareness, creating new services means to meet new service demand.

Value innovation

Value is to satisfy social needs, herewith, the value of corporation come from innovation. Only with value innovation continually, the employees could be activated, create new substance and spiritual wealth for society.

Demand Means Value

Marx said: Value come from people to satisfy their need of external relations.

The Value of Marx said is a universal meaning philosophical category, it means object possess attribute and function to satisfy subject.

The logic of DMV concept: demand is cause, value is result.

DMV concept of differentiation: demand and value is dialectics and unification relations. Without demand, value cannot be activated and reflect; without value, demand can not be affirmed.

Corporality of DMV concept: demand present as the desire of substance, value is accepted in the mind. Value come from demand, it reflect philosophical concept that substance is primary.

The value of corporation comes from the demand of shareholders, staffs and society. DMV concept is the core value of corporation, which is the thought weapon for every staff to thinking, solving and summary problems.

Create values, satisfy demands, pursuit excellence.

Create values:

Corporation values of Wayos presents at increase of shareholders, staffs and society value.

Corporation, shareholders, staffs and society come into being a interdependency and developmental value system.

Satisfy demands:

Wayos company “satisfy the people"s growing material and cultural needs” as the highest state of the enterprise. Meet demand embodies in:

Enterprises should meet the needs of shareholders investment value and employee career development;

Products and services to meet the needs of market and users;

The Employees to meet the needs of enterprise development of high-quality staff.

Pursuit excellence:

Pursuit excellence is the values orientation of Wayos. We must to do the best not only when we deal with the matters, but to develop new products, to provide services and to be an honest person.

In the focus on action and innovation

Action is the prerequisite and approach to achieve ours goal. We propose action, it means we must to take action after we speak, then it will indeed.


Innovation activates action. Action needs to be pushed by creativity then it can realize the valid action with innovation thought. Innovation present at dynamic mechanism, it is motion to achieve the goals.

Action and innovation is dialectical unity. Action can not without the driver of innovation, innovation depend on action to implement.

In order to build a harmonious work environment, we establish classic management mechanism and promote the corporate values so that we improve our comprehensive competitive ability.


Our staffs must process with good morality, it present at:

Sincerity: straight and honest to treat other people

Credit: keep your words, promise and action

Adhering rules: obey the laws and the disciplines

Reason: calmly to thinking and action

Working standard:

Industrious: working hard and dutifully

Serious: finish everything carefully

Innovation: self-negation and have new good ideas

Efficient: reject delaying


Participation: be active to join in team activities

Modesty: humble and with an open mind

Help: mutual help and subordinate the general interest

Dedication: All for one and one for all


Not only are civilized staffs, but we are a good citizen.

Clean: stress on hygiene and neat

Politeness: be polite and respectful

Cooperation: stand proudly and cooperate friendly

Harmony: comply with public morality, family and neighbor at peace

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